There comes a point in everyone’s life when they realise they are not exempt from the formidable ageing process. Although at Chic we like to promote ‘what’s on the inside counts’, we all have a little vanity inside of us. Everyone feels more confident on a good skin and eye brow day let’s be honest here. Dolly Parton once said “Time marches on, and eventually you realise it’s marching across your face”. We may think our genetics will see us through, or our skincare regime is faultless, but unfortunately the inevitable signs of ageing will at some point affect us all.

Non-surgical cosmetic procedures are a pioneering development in treatments which provide non-penetrative alternatives leaving no scarring! We highly recommend Aesthetically You which issues a gentle method and has exceedingly promising reviews. The treatments subtly and modestly change your skins appearance (without the need to take a lengthy time of work for recovery).

f the world of cosmetic surgery is quite alien then I seriously advise speaking to a specialised clinic. Safety is an important factor and with Aesthetically You, the knowledge that all procedures are carried out by registered advance nurse practitioners and independent/supplementary prescribers will certainly put you at ease. This is the main reassuring aspect but in addition to this each professional has a minimum of ten years’ experience specialising in non-surgical cosmetic procedures.

Aesthetically You are always upgrading and modernising their treatments and have recently introduced the Thread Lift to their services. The aim of this treatment is to rejuvenate the skin providing the same results as a Face Lift but without the surgery! A thread lift introduces distinct synthetic threads into the tissue and lifts skin and muscle to enhance skin texture. With treatment revelations like this I can’t imagine who will still be choosing to go under the knife?! The results are immediate showing clear signs of the skin appearing thicker, tighter, firmer and fine lines/wrinkles are smoothed away. The Thread Lift isn’t only permitted for the face but also can be used in areas with ‘sagging’ tissue on the body. This can be a main issue for those suffering from obesity or sudden weight loss which can cause the excessive skin to wrinkle.

This award winning clinic provides treatments at the Liverpool City Centre Clinic 88 Rodney Street L1 9AR & Satellite Clinics throughout the North West. Prior to appointments the clinic welcome questions in an informal familiar way to put customers at ease before making the decision to further the procedure process. For more information, visit the Aesthetically You website or call 0151 427 0014

Chic Networking are proud to announce that Aesthetically You will be sponsoring the North West Fashion Festival on September 14th.